Balance foot perfectly – find ‘The Sweet Spot’

Balance foot perfectly – find ‘The Sweet Spot’

Our bodies are like buildings. Some are very tall they almost sway in the breeze. Others are shorter and broader perhaps more stable with a lower centre of gravity like those kids on skis who fly past you on the mountain.

Are you a well-balanced Eiffel Tower or a leaning Tower of Pisa?

The body has to find more energy and work harder to exercise and strengthen weak muscles that are out of balance in a poorly positioned structure.

For every body, there is a very simple key, a “sweet spot”. The sweet spot is the point in the foot where the foot is balanced perfectly, doesn’t roll in or out, and the body above rotates into good posture and alignment and balances easily. When the sweet spot is achieved, all movements in your body occur as expected and your muscles, once they have strengthened and rebalanced with just normal activities, fire minimally to maintain your perfectly balanced posture and gracefully flowing movements.

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