Customized Foot Care by Age

Customized Foot Care by Age 2019-03-08T15:14:52+00:00

Let’s find the reason for your pain.

Your feet are one of the most ignored parts of your body…until they go wrong!

We aim to help you find the key reason for your pain. Whether you have a painful corn, callous, ingrown toenail or foot, the underlying reason for this pain is almost always caused by some biomechanical problem. Therefore we pay close attention to your immediate concerns and relate them to the bigger picture of posture and alignment throughout your whole body.

Did you realize that pain in the following areas can be caused from feet that are poorly aligned and these things tend to be more prevalent in specific age groups?

  • Pain in your arches and heels – first noted around 9-12 then in early 20’s and early 40’s
  • Corns and callous on the balls of your feet – usually presents from 40’s onwards
  • Pain in your knees and hips – knee pain can be first noted in teens, and hip pain in early 20’s and both may start to decline in the 50’s and 60’s
  • Ingrown toenails – common for teens and again in 30’s to 50’s
  • Toe ulcers – most common in 60 plus age group and in most cases is related to diabetes
  • Pain in your back – usually first noted in late teens and early 20’s
  • Pain in your neck – again this pops up in the 20’s or 30’s
  • Even headaches – may be present as young as 13 if related to poor alignment

Our approach to foot care will assist you to achieve long term results. Whatever your condition, whatever your age, we will be delighted to help you!