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At Jaclyn Christie Holistic Podiatry and Wellness Centre we provide a variety of services to ensure our clients are well looked after.

We have a HICAPS facility for patients using Private Health Cover and we gladly receive DVA patients and those using Enhanced Primary Care Plans from their General Practitioner.

Please note that while referrals to see us are welcomed, you do not need to have a referral to make an appointment with us.

Services we offer:
  • General nail care – dealing with fungal nail problems, nail deformities, ingrown toenails, involuted nails and much more
  • Nail bracing – helping re-train overly curved and painful nails
  • Surgical nail care – ingrown toenail surgery
  • Plantar wart treatment – chemical and surgical
  • Treatment for corns and calluses
  • Footwear assessments and recommendations
  • Biomechanical assessments and solutions for the whole body – bunions, claw toes, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, neuromas, ankle sprains, shin splints, patella femoral pain syndrome (knee pain), sacroiliac joint issues, bursitis, lower back pain and sciatica (hip and lower back issues)
  • Visual gait analysis – postural problems, alignment issues, feet that roll in or out
  • Orthotics and orthotic maintenance – fully equipped lab on site and lab technicians to get your orthotics made quickly
  • Exercise prescription – Balance, strengthening and stretching
  • Paediatric assessments and treatment – severs/ calcaneal apophysitis, flat feet, toe walking, pigeon toe walking
  • Diabetic assessments and treatment – preventative care, wound/ ulcer dressings
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