Are Orthotics a crutch? The truth revealed.

Are Orthotics a crutch? The truth revealed.

Many people are concerned that using orthotics becomes a crutch for your body. The answer for that question is yes and no.

First of all the No. Orthotics assist feet into a more correct position which allows the feet to function well, allowing the muscles to function, strengthen and develop naturally and easily. It feels like nothing is happening because everything is happening exactly the way you were intended to move. When you remove the orthotics, the position of the feet return to their less functional alignment and the muscles, now strong from wearing the orthotics, are at an awkward angle, disadvantaged and soon tire and so symptoms return.

Now the Yes. Orthotics are like a crutch but it is not as if they are carrying the weight of functioning, they are enabling good function.

People wear spectacles, hearing aids and pacemakers. These items are taken for granted as a necessity to enable better function of the eyes, ears and heart. Those who know through results, accept foot orthotics as beneficial and an enhancement, not a crutch.

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