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Common Complaints

Corns, callouses and nail problems most often arise from our bodies working in a way that is different to how they were originally designed to work. Sure, going bare foot or wearing thongs all the time will create hard skin or callous on your feet. Let’s say you do wear good shoes though and religiously apply cream to your feet each day and you still get callous! Then the reason will most likely be because you are rolling your feet in excessively. In cases like these there needs to be more intervention then just taking off the callous now and then, you may need us to address the alignment and posture of your feet with some custom made orthotics.

Corns often arise in areas of high pressure or friction and this can be caused from ill fitted shoes or funny little twists we do as we are walking. Corns are usually more painful then callous, and can become a site for an ulcer if you have diabetes or poor circulation. With this in mind, it is very important that the reason why the corns have developed is assessed and treated.

Ingrown toenails are a very common problem for many of us. If you have experienced the pain of an ingrown toenail you will know that it really does stop you in your tracks. So why do ingrown toenails happen? Perhaps your shoes are too tight and put pressure on the nails or perhaps you have been cutting the nail too far down into the sulcus. The most common reason for ingrown toenails is over-pronation which simply means your feet roll in. When we walk this way this creates pressure against the nail, causing it to become more and more curved and eventually pierce the skin. Ingrown toenails are very treatable and the most effective treatment is to address the underlying reasons for its presentation in the first place.